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Oregon Wholesale Seed is an agriculture production and packaging company developed to offer both retailers and wholesalers bulk wildflower seed, grains, flower seed, legumes, forages, grass seed and native seed. Oregon Wholesale Seed offers seed in bulk quantities, for quote, ranging from five pound bags all the way up to fifty pound bags for resale or wholesale distribution.

To get a quote on any of the seed, blends or mixes discussed on this page all you have to do is search our product list and select which seed, blend or mix you want a quote for. Once you have made your selections please click on any of the "Get Your Quote" buttons and proceed by filling in out your contact and request information, quantity and packaging details and then finalize your quote request using the "Send Quote Request" button. On average it takes our staff 2-5 business days to respond to your request with pricing depending on the quote you request.

Oregon Wholesale offers various types of seed, seed blends and variety mixes on our site for an assortment of applications. While we do offer individual seed species for quotation, we have found that blending varieties and mixing species can give you better performance in most applications whether it's for a pasture, garden, right way, cover crops, reclamation, wildlife enhancement or lawn project.

Our objective is to find unique seed blends or mixes of seed that will meet your needs and provide you with a quality crop for your growing area. This is achieved through using different species of grass, forbs and wildflowers and varying percentages.

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